The first web3 enabledsurvival shooter

About the game

What is Extraction?

The “Extraction” is set in the parallel universe on planet earth and the orbital space station. A chain of events that follows after a revolutionary discovery of the ultimate energy resource, which at first glance seemed to be a breakthrough for humanity, leads to the total expel of people from the earth. The planet became a deadly space for humans, but it is still rich with resources that humanity needs for existence. People managed to build orbital space stations that are spread in space around planet Earth. The player slips into the role of an extractor, gathering resources from Earth to help his people survive in space.

Try to survive the treacherous conditions on Earth and deadly competition!

Craft, trade and truly own your inventory of NFTs in a sustainable economy.

Connect with other players to form long-lasting communities around the globe!

About the game

Features Overview

Social Hub

Meet new people & team up
Craft unique weapons
Customize Loadout

Extraction PvX

PvP & PvE
Loot Resources
Survive & Extract

Arena PvP

Compete in various game modes
Highly detailed Leaderboards 
Rise to Fame! 



Q4 2022

Launch website
Publish Whitepaper
Kickstart Community (Discord, Twitch, Medium)

Q1 2023

Early Access NFT Drops
Launch Closed Alpha

Q2 2023

RPM NFT Collection Release
Testnet NFT Trading

Q3 2023

Free to Play layer
Launch Closed Beta

Q4 2023

NFT Marketplace
Launch Open Beta

Q1 2024


About us

Frozen Monkey Games

For people who want to play games with sustainable economies, Frozen Monkey Games is a startup that develops Free to Play, web3 enabled, games for the masses. Unlike other games with high entry barriers and skill requirements, we deliver easily understandable and frictionless gaming experiences.

Our mission is to deliver character-based multiplayer games to a broad audience, by creating “Free to Play & Own” systems driven by social interactions in the community.

We are seasoned “Free to Play” game creators with a passion for learning new things and driven by constant self-development. By continuously delivering updates to our games, we turn critical feedback into solutions and grow from mistakes believing that each step will bring us closer to success.

Lennard Maurer


Product Owner @ Wargaming

Alexey Yanovski


Head of Development @ Viker

Marko Kecman


Senior Product Manager @ Voodoo

Sahin Yalabik

Game Design

Senior Game Designer @ Wargaming

Giovanni Quaglia

Software Developer

Software Developer @ Wargaming

Boris Zelenkevich

Art Director

Creative Director @ Wargaming