Who we are

We are a gaming startup, driving innovation and change with the mission to build highly enjoyable mobile games, combining proven and well researched casual mechanics with system depth and long term motivators of mid core games.

Based in Berlin our goal is to establish a studio with a hybrid approach between offering strong remote opportunities as well as creating offices where people can come together.

Where we come from

After leaving Wargaming Berlin in early 2021 Lennard Maurer & Sahin Yalabik founded Frozen Monkey Games. Together with Giovanni Quaglia, who is a strong supporter and the first team member of Frozen Monkey Games, the work on their first title started. After a pre-seed round with Play Ventures in late 2021 the team around Frozen Monkey Games started to grow into a solid team with loads of gaming experience from Wargaming, Gram, Peak, Voodoo, ZeptoLab and Viker.